Why buy from us?


  •  Honest is the Best Policy: if you join our newsletter we will not sell/rent/lease or giveaway your personal  information to any third party, nor will we send you junk mail about the rocking party that we held over the weekend.
  • Good Karma: you are helping a some gals live their dreams, who chose to take the detour that life gave them and make lemonade.  Hopefully down the road that lemonade can be shared with others on a team.

  • Only Answerable to You: apart from taking money from savings, and crossing all fingers that it can go back in the back soon!  This site has no external funding or investors.  All the business transactions that are made and the decisions thereafter are funded solely by patrons like you.  Everything that we do is in the best interest of the customer.  

  • We are like you: do not be fooled by our looks, charm and the glasses that are perched half way down the nose, we are just like you.  What we are trying to say is that we might screw up, but when it happens, (Oh, it will happen cause we aren't perfect) we will apologize and try our darnedest to not let it happen again.  We are forever learning and will do so until the day we can't do that anymore.
  • Okay, why T.A. Blues, it's short for "The Allergy Blues". which was started to support adults with allergies.  Instead of asking for through a donate button on the site the decision was made for T.A. Blues to carry products.  Through the sales, we get a commision which helps support and maintain both sites.